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Ken         Farkash

   I create with a question, a comment or an observation in mind. I seek to define what makes us individuals, what our path is and where our place is in this homogenized world. I question nature vs. nurture and do it in a way that I hope enlightens and entertains.     

       I am an abstract 3D artist, I create kinetic, mechanical and site specific sculpture and relief wall art. Growing up in Southern California, I had no shortage of Influences that had an imprint on me and my art. From Atomic age and mid century modern design to 20th century pop culture and googie architecture as well as the artists: Picasso, Calder, Warhol and Lichtenstein to name a few can be found as influences in my art. My work has elements of realism as identifiable elements to fuel the narrative of the piece. Other key elements in my work are the sphere that represents an idea, the idea may not always be obvious but is omnipresent. Also characteristic of my work is color, color represents movement in the narrative and adds depth to the story.

     My creative process starts with defining my ideas and choosing which medium is best suited to tell the story. My work utilizes different combined elements to create tension and connection, movement and narrative. The materials are what really tell the story and make it come to life. This innate process is based on the complexity of the idea and the malleability of the materials. The language with which I am most fluent in is steel which I incorporate into most of my work. But my palette is broad, I enjoy working with paint, steel, stone, wood, mechanical and electrical elements and will utilize whatever materials best complete the story being told.

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